Splendid small town, rich of rivers and frescoed walls, Treviso is comparable to an elegant and enchanting drawing-room wrapped on this ancient 15 th -century walls which were erected to defend Venice in the past.

Today this beautiful citizen, welcome joyous the visitors which are charmed by the painted houses and the striking water courses that across the town; to a classical itinerary among the most important monuments and the picturesque corner gouged by the Sile river and hid affluent, you can add a visit to antique markets, gastronomic exhibitions with typical seasonal products, the fish market, the ancient mills and much more.


Famous since the past, Venice do not need presentations; unique in his sort it offers events and cultural exhibitions during the year and it has a world primacy from the artistic and cultural points of view. 

Visiting Venice people will enjoy a journey across art and cultural history of a millenary town which will guide the visitors in his ancient maritime atmosphere which it is possible to feel still in this days.

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Castelfranco Veneto

Venetian citizen rise up at the end of XII century and opening land of growing mercantile interests, Castelfranco was in the past a clasp between Padua, Treviso and Vicenza. Today this splendid town represents an obliged destination for all those who want to spend their holidays in the Marca Trevigiana.

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Rich of historic and cultural depositions, Asolo represents one of the most beautiful suburb in Italy. It is enclosed by a splendid hills and landscape scenery which offer visitors unnumbered possibility for fun and sightseeing; walking around and horse-riding, naturalistic and geological itineraries, cycle-tours and many others itinerary on the surroundings areas can be practised from the visitors.

All along destination for artist and poets, Asolo presents a landscape unusual and unique with its harmony and a long traditions of gastronomy.

On request ( Ufficio Cultura – Culture Office 0423 524637) and in conjunction with events and shows it is possible to follow themed routes with the assistance of a guide. 

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Famous for its street of Prosecco wines, Conegliano is a little elegant town with its antique storical centre and its wavy landscapes which jealous take care of his golden vineyards of Prosecco, the peculiar vine made on this hills.

Conegliano is a unique and one-shot town was called “Pearl of the Veneto” in the past and it is still today one of the most beautiful citizen in Italy, full of history, art and natural beauty, positioned on the Giano’s hills layer where there is the beautiful castle.

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